Sträcka Desk & End Table

Mack Geggie

Dimensions: Desk - 66w x 30d x 30.5h

End Table - 26w x 26d x 24h

Materials: Walnut

Price: Desk - $7597; End Table - $2157


Description: The name Sträcka comes from the Swedish word for Reach, which is precisely the motion that this desk and end table aimed to capture. The legs on these pieces have outstretched arms that appear eager to support this desk in its entirety. This evokes an uplifting energy that can be felt in the presence of Sträcka.


To order or with questions, contact:

|   855-808-3894


Bio: As the in-house Industrial Design Manager at Wooda, Mackenzie Smith Geggie has a passion for finding intricate and effective solutions to complex problems, and using these solutions to bring great designs to life. This passion stems from a desire to combine beautiful design with innovative manufacturing techniques to produce results that speak for themselves and push the boundaries of what can be created.