Noah Norton

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Price: $135 to $155 for one
$230 to $265 for a set of two

Inspiration: Mastodon powerfully lifts and holds two tapers. Inspired by the natural world and crafted in beautiful Walnut, Ash, and Oak, Mastodon is designed to brighten a room and encourage conversation.

Included is a set of turned brass inserts giving the ability to hold not only the standard ⅞” taper but also the smaller ½” tapers.

Bio: Noah Norton is a designer who strives for balance and harmony in the work he creates, believing that the simplest solution is often the best. His work includes furniture, lighting and a variety of products for the consumer and industrial markets. Additionally, Norton is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the University of Wisconsin-Stout where he can be found teaching studio courses and leading international collaborative projects.

Dimensions: 4w x 2.5d x 9.5h

Materials: Ash, Oak, Walnut

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handcrafted wooden candle holders
handcrafted wooden candle holder

handcrafted wooden candle holder
handcrafted wooden candle holder