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Inspiration: Drawing inspiration from the iconic “Captain’s Chair,” a fixture of his childhood summers on Cape Cod, Scott Mason’s next-generation design, the Pilot, combines 3D modeling and CNC wood shaping to create a modernist chair that retains the comfort, warmth, and beauty of wood. A practical accent piece or living room centerpiece, the Pilot is equally at home in today’s modern interiors and in more traditional settings.

Bio: Scott Mason is an industrial designer who explores and tests the latest design techniques and materials to create furniture and other products with a clean, modern aesthetic. But he’s unafraid of looking back in time, in the tradition of the modernist masters, or to rely on the natural beauty, strength, and simplicity of wood. The owner of Scott Mason Design, a Washington, DC-based studio specializing in contemporary furniture design, Mason has also designed consumer products, medical and scientific instruments, and toys for industrial design firms in New York and Connecticut; exhibits for the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and designs, computer illustrations, and animation for NASA.


Pilot Lounge – 30w x 31.25d x 31.5h

Pilot Ottoman – 24w x 19d x 16h

Materials: Walnut (shown) or Maple

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hand crafted wooden chair
handcrafted wooden chair

handcrafted wooden ottoman
handcrafted wooden ottoman
handcrafted wooden chair