Brooke M. Davis

Dimensions: 20.5w x 27d x 34h; Seat Height 19”

Materials: Maple, Rift Sawn Red Oak, Walnut

Price: $1897


Description: Flicka is an engaging exploration of form and function with a design that exudes personality and captivates the imagination. Crafted from Maple, Oak, or Walnut, Flicka can be the perfect accent piece in any room, or in multiples, it makes a great compliment to any dining set.


To order or with questions, contact: Terry@wooda.co  |   855-808-3894


Bio: Brooke M. Davis is a soul unified by her process. Trained as both a Fine Artist and Industrial Designer, she uses emerging technologies to cross process boundaries to drive her furniture design. “I feel a need to explore artistic intuitiveness through line and form and then embrace the challenge of translating these ideas into the decisive intent required for product design; a smudged line on paper has a defined edge in a 3D form. To me, furniture is great conduit for exploration; as you can quickly meet the functional requirements of a piece and move on to the more exciting challenges of what the object looks and feels like. The goal of making a chair has to be more than just a place to sit; thusly the form surpasses the objective of function. I find a lot of inspiration in the human figure, automotive styling, and nature and using subtle influences to create forms that are meant to be felt.” The results are graceful and sensual forms of functional furniture that transcend time.