Kafi 1

Martin Leugers & Tricia Wright

Designer website

Price: $135-$155

Inspiration: The Kafi 1 (Icelandic for submerged) hors d’oeuvre board has an elongated proportion that adds a dynamic appearance to any setting large or small. Recessed bowls provide a perfect showcase for olives, nuts, and fruits while the extended beveled plank is perfect for a variety of cheeses.

Bio: Tricia Wright and Martin Leugers are a San Francisco-based Industrial Design team who believe that building and making are integral to the design process. Their favorite projects transform a “problem” into an opportunity for invention, a way to create something unique, a chance to make life happier. Their goal is to design objects that do good in the world by focusing on products that directly improve people’s lives. Above all, as designers; they are practical—they make ideas a reality. Tricia and Martin have been recognized for their innovative designs—from high-tech to toys. They have been awarded multiple patents and numerous consumer and industry awards,including Toy of the Year.

Dimensions: 23.6l x 6.9w x 1.375h

Materials: Mahogany, Maple, Walnut

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