Samantha Brueggen

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Inspiration: Inspired by the contours of the land in the Driftless Region of SW Wisconsin, Kurvor’s draping front edge is the focal point of the design. Bound together by tension and compression, Kurvor’s simplistic design features a curved front edge and mortise and tenon joint on the seat. Negative space elongates the stool, adding depth and dimension while functioning as a footrest.

Bio: Samantha Brueggen’s work is inspired by the intricate details and organic contours of the Driftless Region in Southwest Wisconsin that she calls home. Growing up barefoot on a midwestern farm, a passion for design led her to study Interior Design. Her roots guide her work creating sculptural pieces that are both simplistic and functional.

Dimensions: 18w x 17.5d x 30h

Materials: Rift Sawn Red Oak

Finish: Oiled


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